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biopharma customers.

Get a list of segmented biopharma companies or access our online platform.

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Identify new potential customers

Lists of biotech companies at your fingertips.

BiopharmIQ provides segmented lists of biopharma companies to help you discover more potential customers. Get a list of companies or access data via our online platform. Join hundreds of other life science professionals using our data.

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Get major news updates each week

Stay on top of major news in an easy-to-digest format.

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We provide the data, so you can focus on the sales.

The biopharma space is rapidly changing, we manually update our data each day so you can stay a step ahead of your competition.

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Key contacts including verified emails

We give you the ability to segment our data

based on product stage, disease areas, geographic location, company size, technology, and more.

Get an Excel file of your target biopharma customers that you can plug into any CRM or get started using right away. Dig deeper into our info on our online platform and see recent funding events and full company profiles on demand.

Identify your next biopharma customer

Segment our pharma data

Search based on disease areas, technology, company size, and more.

Discover recent funding

Unlock biopharma companies that recently raised funding and are looking to grow.

Export your ideal list

Grab the companies that interest you right away.

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Discover new companies

We are constantly sourcing and adding new companies for you to uncover.

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Hot Leads

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“BiopharmIQ helped us land our first order from a new gene therapy customer, by helping us identify them as a hot lead based on the CMC and Safety work they were doing.”

Nathan Wood

CEO, KromaTiD

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Finding your next biopharma customer can be seamless.

1. Segment our data

Identify your ideal customer with our updated biopharma company info.

2. Leverage relevant info

Utilize key data points about the company, products, and contacts.

3. Export and use

With one click download our

data and put your list to work.



Get a list of biopharma companies for $1 to $5 per company or access our online platform with updated data downloadable on-demand, funding news, and deeper info. Learn more below or see FAQ.

One-Off Segmented List

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  • List of segmented companies.

  • All Company info.

  • Pipeline/lead asset info.

  • Key contact info.

  • Report delivered in Excel/CSV.

  • Easily upload right into CRM.

Updated Data & Online Platform

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  • Updated company data.

  • Company/pipeline/contact info.

  • Access via online platform.

  • Download data on-demand.

  • See recently funded companies.

  • Uncover newly added companies.

Custom Project

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  • Custom data integrations.

  • Get auto-alerts for events.

  • Deeper reports and data.

  • Plug into 3rd party databases.

  • Specific actionable insights.

  • Contact us to discuss.

  • How up-to-date is this information?
    We add, update, and remove companies to our database almost every day. The online platform is updated each day. Different data points are checked/confirmed on varying schedules: For public companies we update their pipeline/catalyst data daily and quarterly. Private companies pipeline/lead asset is updated quarterly. Contacts/emails are confirmed/updated quarterly.
  • Where do you get this information?
    We find all our information online via publicly accessible websites and information. Our info typically includes a source to the publicly available info for reference. We use a range of sources including company websites, SEC filings, biomedical conference meeting websites, FDA websites, and other scientific websites.
  • How accurate is the data?
    With large amounts of changing data it is impossible to be perfect. With that said, we have been monitoring and maintaining information on these companies for quite some time and have refined the process. While we don't have a specific accuracy number to share, we do our best to ensure accuracy and updated info. We update data on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly frequencies. We share bits of data online on our website and social media channels that gives a good idea of the quality and accuracy of our data.
  • What data do you offer?
    We provide information on biotech companies. The data we provide includes: Company info: Name Description Ownership / Ticker Size (employees) Website LinkedIn Location (city, state, country) Technology areas Disease areas Company type Pipeline / lead asset info: Asset name Disease / indication Development stage Next catalyst event date (for public companies) Contact info: Name Title Email (verified) LinkedIn
  • How can I purchase data?
    We offer the data via one-off purchases or as part of our online platform. One-off purchases provide you an Excel file of biopharma companies based on your criteria. Our minimum purchase order size is $250, but other then that we are happy to provide you any segmented list of companies. We also offer access to updated data on demand via our online platform as well as other data points like recently funded companies. You're able to segment and export companies whenever you like, as many times as you like. Our report of recently funded companies provides a great list of companies looking to grow that could use your products/services. Request a quote here.
  • What are custom projects?
    You may have very specific requirements or would like to build out a robust workflow. We can leverage our experience in gathering/monitoring data on biotech companies, clinical trials, and the space to implement a custom solution for you. This could be: Setting up alerts for specific events from companies (specific filings, etc.). Integrating our data with 3rd party data sets like clin trials .gov. Creating custom reports or integrating our data in your systems. Contact us to discuss.

Dive into the Biopharma Space

Stay up-to-date on major biopharma news, deeper dives into specific companies and biopharma themes, and how it all relates to biopharma partners.

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