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Connecting Dots

Discover more ideal biopharma partners.

Get the biopharma data you need to find and close more deals.

biopharm iq

Filter based on specific criteria


Identify new potential customers

Data and insights at your fingertips to find more target customers.

BiopharmIQ monitors the biopharma space and provides info to help you identify, track, and contact potential partners. We leverage our years of experience in the industry to maintain the most updated and actionable information.

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biopharm iq platform
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Get major news updates each week

Stay on top of major news in an easy-to-digest format.

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We provide the data, so you can focus on the deals.

The biopharma space is rapidly changing, we manually update our data each day so you can stay a step ahead of your competition.

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Key contacts including verified emails

Our platform gives you the ability to segment our data

based on therapeutic products being developed, companies, contacts, and more.

Filter companies based on disease areas, number of employees, clinical stage, type of products, etc. Discover new and relevant opportunities with Hot Leads. We dig deeper into the info and provide you with targeted insights, so you can reach your customers when they need you most.

Identify your next biopharma partner

Segment our pharma data

Search based on disease areas, technology, company size, and more.

Get an edge with Hot Leads

Our Hot Leads give you actionable ideas based on the info we analyze.

Find verified contact info

We provide key contact info so you can connect right away.

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Discover new companies

We are constantly sourcing and adding new companies for you to uncover.

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Hot Leads



Flexible or custom packages to suit your needs.

Get a Sample Data Set


Get a sample of our data.

Provides a sense of the type of info we provide.

Includes a snapshot of real data, just no contacts.



billed quarterly

Team Account - up to 5 users.

All company, contact, & drug data.

Fully searchable biopharma data.

Hot Leads - actionable insights.

Company contacts including verified emails, LI, and more.

300 credits per month.

*Credits are used to export data or unlock contacts

90 day money back guarantee on all plans.

Done For You


billed quarterly

Acess all data & online platform, plus:

We identify and target leads for you.

We craft the cold outreach.

We forward booked meetings to you.

Outreach is professional & personal.

Finding your next biopharma partner can be seamless.

1. Segment our data

Identify your ideal partner with our updated biopharma info.

2. Unlock key contact info

Save time and access contact info including verified emails.

3. Leverage key insights

Outreach with relevant insights on the company to stand out.

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“BiopharmIQ helped us land our first order from a new gene therapy customer, by helping us identify them as a hot lead based on the CMC and Safety work they were doing.”

Nathan Wood

CEO, KromaTiD

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Dive into the Biopharma Space

Stay up-to-date on major biopharma news, deeper dives into specific companies and biopharma themes, and how it all relates to biopharma partners.

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