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BiopharmIQ is a family-run business.

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Our Story

BiopharmIQ is a family-run business started by father-son duo Manny and Dominic Vacchiano. 


Manny loves being involved in innovation in biotech/biopharma that helps people lead happier and healthier lives. His passion for bio/pharma was ignited when he experienced his family’s, and especially his dad’s painful journey with brain cancer that ended with his death when he was 40 yrs old, and Manny was 12. That gave him the strong drive to have a career that helped drive innovative cures to diseases, especially cancer. This love and passion got him started in biotech 40 yrs ago. Being involved with bio/pharma innovation has provided Manny with decades of passion and satisfaction in his career.

Through Manny, Dominic was exposed to bio/pharma topics from an early age. Dinner table discussion sometimes ventured into recent advancements in diagnostics tools, reminiscing on previous experiments on vorticella, and interesting lab mates from the past (and their funny stories - snails like beer?). Dominic’s education moved towards computer science / informatics and he went on to finish a Master’s degree in Biotechnology. His passion is at the intersection of biopharma and modern tools leveraging programming and AI.

After investing in the biopharma space since the early 90’s, Manny started Amp Bioresearch in the 2010’s. This led to maintaining lots of information on biotech companies, their products, and the biopharma landscape overall. Primarily this was information about the therapeutic products they were developing, clinical trials they were running, and other regulatory related activities. Shortly after Amp was started, Dominic joined Manny alongside a team of analysts to help maintain this crucial information. Sourcing and maintaining all of this valuable data is no easy task. in 2019, after years of refining their systems and processes they launched BiopharmIQ. The goal being to supply others with well-maintained and actionable data.


Since starting they have served 100's of partners leveraging their data and insights.. 


Meet the full team.


Outside of biopharma they both share a passion for hockey, which they still (even Manny) play to this day.


Here is a throwback to 25+ years ago shooting some pucks in the driveway of SoCal.

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