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Cell & Gene Tx Startups by State

Large bio/pharma companies have an ongoing need to fill their therapeutic product development funnels. To do this they often acquire pipeline therapeutic candidate assets from much smaller, highly innovative bio/pharma companies. This creates an exciting ecosystem that many times starts with a small, start-up company with a handful of employees and a long-shot idea for a new therapy to treat a long-standing medical need.

To better understand which states/regions feed the most early-stage bio/pharma companies into this ecosystem, we screened our database of >1,000 cell & gene therapy companies & identified the states with the most CGT startups*. (see graph)

Figure 1. CGT Companies w/ 50 or fewer employees.

Interesting Findings:

  • Surprised that NY & FL have so many.

  • Not surprisingly, CA and MA top the list.

  • A bit surprised that MD has so many more than NC.

Want to get a list of all 1,000+ of CGT companies and more data? Fill out a quote request to get more info or set up a call (Quote Request Form)

*Companies with 50 or less employees


Article History:

EV, RF (04/24/24)

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