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Target Company Spotlight: Adicet Bio

Adicet Bio

Location: Redwood City, CA and Boston, MA

Cash: $232M (end Q1 2023)

Burn Rate/quarter: $18M

Technology Focus: CAR-T (esp. allogeneic gamma delta T cells)

Latest stage asset: Phase 1 continuing readout: ADI-001 - Specialized CAR-T therapy

Indication(s): Blood Cancer / Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (Large B cell lymphoma)

Next trial Initiation: Q4 2023 - Registrational

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Why is Adicet Bio an attractive target currently?

  • Early stage cell therapy company with opportunity for CROs, CMOs, and vendors to establish relationships.

  • Multiple INDs and trial initiations planned regularly over coming years.

  • Lots of IND-enabling R&D for cell therapy occurring now.

  • Lots of cash.

  • See image one below for anticipated milestones.

Adicet Bio broader view of the company:

ACET has struggled to increase the value of their company as they have reported early clinical results for their specific CAR-T platform. In fact ACET has more cash than its current market cap (negative enterprise value). Their company value has been decimated over the past ~12 months as the market has turned much more critical of early-stage CAR-T companies (See stock chart). ACET's valuation ($4.64/share) was down over 50% on their ASH '22 presentation last December. Durability of response 69% initial complete response, but only 33% at 6 months. Despite this, they are one of the more widely held biopharma companies by large hedge funds (8 of 34 funds). They need some more positive clinical data to boost their valuation, before they need to raise again. But they have lots of cash, to give them a few years to boost their valuation for another round/cash raise.

Image One: Anticipated Milestones

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