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Recent Biopharma Funding Updates

Public and private funding events 👇

– Private Company Funding Rounds –


🏦 Closed $2M seed funding round.

Kenai Therapeutics

🏦 $82M Series A financing co-led by Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, Cure Ventures, and The Column Group.

Angitia Biopharmaceuticals

🏦 Completes US$40M additional series B financing led by YueKai Health

Orizuru Therapeutics

🏦 Closed 3.3B JPY series B financing through previous third-party allocations.

BlossomHill Therapeutics

🏦 Closed $100M series B financing led by Colt Ventures totaling $173M raised capital.


🏦 Closed $145M series E financing led by Nextech Invest + other new investors advancing the clinical development of FOG-001.

– Grants –


🏦 CIRM awarded $8M grant for a Ph1b/2 trial of IMPT-514 treating lupus nephritis.

Coave Therapeutics

🏦 Received $2.9M grant from the ALS Association to advance CTx-TFEB program through preclinical-POC.

OneChain Immunotherapeutics

🏦 Received €2M grant to advance a new promising CAR T therapy for rare leukemia.


🏦 Awarded €2M grant from Walloon Government in Belgium for MAIDAM AI Project

Oncodesign Precision Medicine

🏦 Awarded €745K funding from Deep Tech Development Fund to advance the ANIMUS program.


🏦 Awarded $467K from CARB-X to develop a maternal vaccine that targets E. coli.

Augustine Therapeutics

🏦 Awarded with a $300K US ALS association grant to advance novel selective HDAC6 inhibitors.

– Debt Financing –


🏦 $28.7M debt financing w/ $25.4 already sold.

Thunder Biotech

🏦 $2.5M debt financing w/ $100K already sold.

– Equity Financing –

HCW Biologics

🏦 $2.5M equity financing.

Denali Therapeutics

🏦 Entered into a $500M security purchase agreement w/ an existing investor.

RYNE Biotechnology

🏦 $81.8M equity financing w/ $30M already sold.

Radiance Biopharma

🏦 $30M financing w/ $250K already sold.


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