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Viridian Initiating Ph1 and Ph2/3 Trials Starting This Quarter & Needs SQ Delivery Partner

Category: Trial Initiations & biotech partnerships

Opportunity: Trial initiations & drug delivery device/Sub-Q partner(s)

Company: Viridian Therapeutics

Product/Asset: VRDN-001

Latest trigger event for Opp: PR July 10, 2023

Target Companies: CROs, Clinical trial recruitment companies, SubQ technology companies


Viridian plans to initiate a Phase 3 trial (THRIVE-2) of VRDN-001 in patients with chronic thyroid eye disease (TED) in the third quarter of 2023. In addition, Viridian plans to initiate Phase 1 trials of VRDN-003 and VRDN-001 SC in healthy volunteers in the third quarter of 2023. By the end of 2023, Viridian expects to select its lead subcutaneous program and advance the program into a pivotal Phase 2/3 trial in the middle of 2024. Also, Viridian is currently looking to Initiate a pen device supply agreement with an experienced drug delivery device manufacturer in the second half of 2023. Thus, CROs and drug delivery companies have an immediate opportunity to partner with Viridian for these upcoming events.

About Viridian Therapeutics

Company Type: Public Company

Market Cap (7/21/23): ~$900M

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Cash (Q1 2023): ~$375M

Burn rate/quarter: ~$-35M

Technology Focus: Monoclonal antibody

Latest stage asset: Phase 3

Indications: Rare diseases, Thyroid eye disease

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Article History:

Originally posted 7/21/23 (RB)


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