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Experienced Cardio Sales & Other Professions Coming Available from Amarin Layoffs

Category: Employee recruiting

Opportunity: US and European sales reps are coming available from AMRN layoffs

Company: Amarin Corporation


Issue: Work force (including sales force) layoff

Latest trigger event for Opp: PR July 18, 2023

Target Companies: Job recruiters and cardio companies


Amarin Corporation is focused on discovering, developing and delivering new therapeutics and treatments to cardiovascular disease patients. VASCEPA was approved in the U.S in 2020 and VAZKEPA was approved in the EU 2021 both for cardiovascular disease. On July 18, 2023, Amarin announced that they will be restructuring their organization. With that, Amerin will be reducing all U.S. sales force positions and non-sales position by about 30%. This opens the opportunity for companies to recruit these sales representatives and other experienced cardio professionals.

About Amarin Corporation

Company Type: Public Company

Market Cap (7/21/23): $109,000,000

Location: Dublin, Ireland & Bridgewater, New Jersey

Cash (Q1 2023): $304,400,000

Burn rate/quarter: $-22,060,000

Technology Focus: Cardiovascular disease

Latest stage asset: Approved

Indications: Cardiovascular diseases

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Article History:

Originally posted 8/9/23 (RB)


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