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Biopharma Funding Activity May 27th-31st 2024

Newly launched radioligand company and more funding events…

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FIG. 1. Recent Biotech Funding Activity.

Private Funding –


💸  Closed $33M Series B funding led by Two Sigma Ventures with RA Capital to advance the development of Fertilo.


💸  Raised additional €16M Series A funding led by Dawn Biopharma to strengthen ADC assets and advance its lead uPARAP program.


💸  Raised $13M seed funding co-led by Octopus Ventures and Redalpine to advance protein expression using AI-driven intronization technology.


💸  Raised €6.5M seed funding to fund a first-in-human trial of breakthrough topical ophthalmic inserts.

Radiomer Therapeutics

💸  Launched with undisclosed pre-seed funding to advance radioligand therapy platform. 

Post-IPO/Public Funding –


🏦  Announced ~$650M public offering to fund continued R&D of brensocatib and pre-commercial and, if approved, commercialization activities related to brensocatib. 


🏦  Closed $500M public offering. 


🏦  Announced their proposed $300M public offering and intends to use the proceeds from the offering to advance the clinical development of its product candidates, among others.

BioNano Genomics

🏦  Raised $18M in private placement to eliminate debt and advance optical genome mapping technology. 


🏦  Announced pricing of $9.3M direct offering to be used for sales and marketing, working capital, and general corporate purposes. ---

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