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Biopharma Funding Activity from April 15-19th 2024

From early-stage seed rounds to substantial public offerings, the biopharma sector witnessed diverse funding activity between April 15-19th, 2024.

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– Private Funding –

Xaira Therapeutics

💸  Launched with $1B backed by several investors aiming to develop drugs using AI.

Asher Bio

💸 Raised $55M Series C funding led by RA Capital Management.

Corner Therapeutics

💸 Raised $54M Series A funding led by Ziff Capital Partners and other investors. Funding will be used to develop vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases.

Skylark Bio

💸 Closed $40.8M equity offering. 

Evergreen Theragnostics

💸 Secured $26M in Series C financing led by LIFTT and Petrichor Healthcare Capital Management.

Pathios Therapeutics

💸 Raised $25M Series B financing led by several investors. Funding will be used to further the development of cancer immunotherapeutics targeting GPR65.


💸 Closed financing raising a total of £19M ($24.5M) funding led by Sound Bioventures and other existing investors. Proceeds will be used to advance its lead oncolytic adenovirus, THEO-260 into clinical trials in ovarian cancer. 


💸 Received ~$20.8M to $23.5M investment from Signet Healthcare Partners.

St Phi Therapeutics

💸 Completed ~100M RMB ($13.8M) in Series A+ financing led by Tailong Investment and Taiyu Investment. Funding will be used for clinical development and regulatory registrations. 

Outrun TX

💸 Launched with $10M seed financing from M Ventures and MP Healthcare Venture Management to develop a protein stabilization pipeline. 


💸 Secured €5.5M funding to advance drug development with AI-ML solutions.

Alphyn Biologics

💸 Closed $5.1M equity offering. 

Flagship Biosciences 

💸 Closed $5M from the $6.3M equity offering. 


💸 Sold $4.9M from the $15M equity offering. 

Mach5 Therapeutics

💸 Sold $4.1 from the $4.5M offering. 

GeneVentiv Therapeutics

💸 Awarded $2.5M SBIR Grant to advance gene therapy for all Hemophilias, with or without inhibitors.

Kubanda Cryotherapy

💸 Closed $725K from the $2.2M offering.

Zhuanma Biotech

💸 Completed tens of millions of yuan in seed round financing led by Mi Fang Health Fund. Funds will be used to develop gene-editing pipelines and the construction of ultra-small editor platforms.

Isospec Analytics

💸 Raised $1.9M in pre-seed funding to continue its work in biomolecular analysis technology.

ARC Medical

💸 $575K equity offering sold.

ImmVue Therapeutics

💸 $529K equity offering sold.

Life Adapt

💸 $700 equity offering. 

– Post-IPO/Public Funding –

Intra-Cellular Therapies

🏦 Priced of $500M public offering. 

Cullinan Therapeutics

🏦 Oversubscribed $280M private placement led by several investors to be used for R&D and to advance CD19xCD3 T cell engager clinical program for autoimmune diseases. 


🏦 Priced of $230M public offering. 


🏦 Closed $193M equity offering. 

TScan Therapeutics

🏦 Closed the upsized $150M public offering to further cash runway through Q4 2026.

Zura Bio

🏦 Oversubscribed $112.5M private placement led by Access Biotechnology and several investors. Placement will support the clinical development of tibulizumab (ZB-106). 

Korro Bio

🏦 Raised $70M from the private placement led by Deep Track Capital and other investors. Funding will provide runway to fund the completion of a Phase 1/2 trial of KRRO-110 in ZZ AATD patients and other R&D activities. 

Benitec Ltd

🏦 Oversubscribed $40M private placement financing led by Suvretta Capital Management and other investors. Proceeds will be used for the development and commercialization of BB-301.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals

🏦 Closed $36M public offering and pre-funded warrants led by Deep Track Capital. 

Traws Pharma

🏦 Completed $14M offering following merger w/ Onconova therapeutics


🏦 Raised $11.4M from exercised warranted offering and public offering. Proceeds will be used for the ongoing clinical and regulatory development of  Lomecel-B™.

Calidi Biotherapeutics

🏦 Raised $6.1M from the public offering to be used for pre-clinical and clinical programs. 

Outlook Therapeutics

🏦 Closed $5M private placement to advance its ONS-5010 clinical development programs.


🏦 Priced $4.75M public offering to be used for R&D, commercialization, and further cash runway. 


🏦 Raised $4M from public offering to advance the company’s clinical studies. 

Genetic Technologies

🏦 Priced $2M registered direct offering. Proceeds will be used for marketing and other corporate-related activities. 

NRx Pharmaceutical

🏦 Closed $2M public offering. Part of the funding will be used to initiate a national treatment protocol and safety database.

Bio-Path Holdings

🏦 Closed $1.2M public offering.

FIG. 1. Recent Biotech Funding Activity


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