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Big/Pharma Open for Business for Cell Therapy Collaborations

At the JP Morgan 2024 Healthcare Conference, large bio/pharma disclosed their 2024 M&A and collaboration strategies. A number of them are very interested in cell therapy collaborations. Most noteworthy are the following:

Novo Nordisk

Cell Therapy Corp Dev Strategy:

• Specialized cells for regenerative or curative cell therapies

• Cell therapy for chronic diseases

→ Parkinson's, chronic heart failure, T1 diabetes

CEO comments:

"Our ability to innovate cell therapies that have the potential to significantly impact disease depends on partnerships grounded in long-term commitment and mutual interest. By partnering with academia, biotechs, and device experts, we can share knowledge, data, and capabilities in ways that bring us closer to developing potential cell therapies for people living with serious chronic disease."

Astra Zeneca

Cell Therapy Corp Dev Strategy:

• Continued M&A and corp dev. process (as in 2023)

→ In 2023 AZN did 3 large cell therapy deals (FIG. 1 📸)

→ Continued focus on cell therapies in 2024

FIG. 1. AstraZeneca Expands Disease Area Leadership Capabilities Through Strategic Deals.

Other Big Pharma Cell Therapy Partners of Interest


• Surprising little on cell therapy partnerships with private biotech at JPM 2024 and on web site

• But, executed a regular stream of cell therapy collaborations through Kite subsidiary

• Gilead has a general partnership statement on the website, but not much more


• Surprising little on cell therapy partnerships with private biotech at JPM 2024 and on web site

• "Novartis is committed to maintaining and growing its diverse network of partnerships."

• Healthcare institutions, local health networks, and academic institutions

→ Private biopharma not listed?


• Oncology partnering opportunities include cell therapy

• Highlight 2 Roche cell therapy partnerships on the partnerships page:

→ Lineage - ophthalmology - retinal pigment epithelium cell therapy for dry AMD

→ Squeeze - cancer - delivers antigens into B cells to activate killer T cells

Article History:

2/6/2024 - EJV

This article is not investment or legal advice.

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