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What’s Driving CD19 Cell Therapy to Autoimmune Disease?

Cell therapy offers a disease-modifying option for patients w/ refractory autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune disease is a major unmet need

  • Est. 7M patients in the U.S. with a form of B-cell mediated autoimmune disease (Canaccord Genuity, 2023)

Pathogenic B cells can drive systemic diseases via intrinsic/extrinsic factors.

The effectiveness of current therapies is inadequate:

  • Often consists of lifelong immune suppression

  • B-cell-directed agents have limited activity

Recent results with CD19 CAR-T in treating auto-immune diseases look promising

  • CD19-directed cell therapy is challenging the treatment paradigm for autoimmune diseases

  • Drug-free remissions after a single treatment in academic trials.

⇨ See below for Mackensen et al. 2022 and Muller 2023 results in lupus (FIG. 1 📸).

FIG. 1. CD19-directed Cell Therapy Potential (early results in autoimmune disease).

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