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San Diego Biotech Sector 2024

San Diego has a rich biotech ecosystem. From startups and small to mid-cap companies to major and well-established players. According to Connect (San Diego), there were 65 life sciences venture-funded deals in 2023 (Figure 1). 📸

Below are some promising biopharma companies to keep an eye on in sunny SD ☀️


Overview: The company is a genome writing company that develops innovative technologies to revolutionize genomic medicine, and launches subsidiaries that develop those therapies. Their platforms enable the delivery of large DNA payloads and optimize enzyme functionality, with applications in gene therapy for various diseases and enhanced enzyme production.

Ownership: Private

Pipeline/Funding Overview 

Disclosed Programs: 4 drugs/therapies

Technologies: TCR NK-Cell Therapy & Gene Therapy

Furthest Asset & Stage Development: SY-104 (Phase 1)

Disease Areas: Oncology, Rare Diseases, Genetic Diseases

Latest Funding News: 7/25/22 $55M seed funding from KKR and OMX Ventures. 

Cessation Therapeutics, Inc.

Overview: The company is developing novel antibody therapies to prevent and reverse overdose related to fentanyl and fentanyl analogs

Ownership: Private

Pipeline/Funding Overview 

Disclosed Programs: 3 drugs/therapies

Technologies: Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Cell Therapy

Furthest Asset & Stage Development: CSX-1004 (Phase 1)

Disease Areas: Fentanyl, opioid, smoking, cannabis addiction

Latest Funding News: 10/18/23 $14.8M grant from NIH-NIDA to support the development of the subcutaneous formulation of its anti-fentanyl mAb, CSX-1004 SQ. 


Overview: A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in peptide therapies for autoimmune diseases and certain cancers. Their unique technology platform allows them to develop highly targeted drugs with improved safety and efficacy compared to existing treatments.

Ownership: Private

Pipeline/Funding Overview 

Disclosed Programs: 2 drugs/therapies

Technologies: Peptides

Furthest Asset & Stage Development: si-544 (Phase 1b)

Disease Areas: Autoimmune diseases and Cancer

Latest Funding News: 9/16/20 $5M convertible promissory note financing in 2020 to advance si-544 into clinical development in early 2021.  

Revelation Biosciences Inc.

Overview: A life sciences company developing immune system therapies, using their Gemini formulation, to prevent and treat diseases like post-surgical infections, acute kidney injury, and chronic kidney disease.

Ownership: Public (NASDAQ: REVB)

Pipeline/Funding Overview 

Disclosed Programs: 1 drug/therapy

Technologies: Small molecule

Furthest Asset & Stage Development: Gemini (Phase 1)

Disease Areas: Infectious diseases and Kidney diseases

Latest Funding News: 2/5/24 Closed $6.2M public offering. Proceeds will be used to advance Gemini-based drug pipeline assets.  

Tempo Therapeutics

Overview: A privately held clinical-stage company specializing in tissue engineering. They develop innovative synthetic biomaterials, using their patented MAP technology, for surgical reconstruction and various regenerative medicine applications.

Ownership: Private

Pipeline/Funding Overview 

Disclosed Programs: 4 drugs/therapies

Technologies: Medical device [synthetic material (hydrogel polymer-based components)]

Furthest Asset & Stage Development: TT101 

Disease Areas: Oncology, Regenerative Medicine

Latest Funding News: 3/19/24 Completed $12M Series A equity financing round led by Galaxy-Sirius Partners and Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc. (JJDC). The funding will be used to advance the company’s Microporous Annealed Particle (MAP) technology platform and take its synthetic tissue scaffold candidates into clinical trials.

Figure 1. San Diego Biotech Sector 2024.


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