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Prothena Corporation & Bristol Myers Squibb Collaboration

Prothena Corporation technology validated by big Bristol Myers Squibb collaboration

• Bristol Myers is part owner of Prothena

Bristol Myers & Prothena collaboration highlights:

3/20/18 Celgene & Prothena enter master collaboration agreement (Celgene acquired by Bristol Myers - 2019)

• Bristol Myers may elect Prothena Abs against 3 targets

⇒ Tau, TDP-43, & undisclosed

⇒ $100M up-front

⇒ $50M for ~1.2M shares of Prothena

⇒ Prothena eligible for total of $2.2B fees & milestone

6/24/21 Bristol Myers $80M to Prothena for exclusive US rights to PRX005

7/5/23 Bristol Myers $55M to Prothena for exclusive WW rights to PRX005

⇒ Bristol Myers responsible for PRX005 going forward

⇒ Posible milestones now $562.5M

⇒ Reasonable royalty

PRX005 anti-tau Ab

• Binds microtubule binding region (MTBR)

⇒ R1, R2, and R3 repeats

⇒ tau 3R and 4R isoforms

⇒ Ph1 results at AAIC23 (healthy volunteers)

Bristol Myers to give PRX005 updates going forward

Article History:

Originally posted 7/17/23 (RB)


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