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Ovarian Cancer Market And Treatments

A recent corporate slide deck from Zentalis^1 provides helpful information regarding the current high unmet needs in treating ovarian cancer:

  • Almost 50,000 newly diagnosed ovarian cancer patients annually (FIG. 1 📷)

  • High unmet need for better therapies/cures for ovarian cancer

  • Over 32,000 annual ovarian cancer deaths (FIG. 1 📷)

FIG. 1

  • Current treatment paradigm is complex (FIG. 2 📷)

  • BRCA/homologous repair deficient (HRD) biomarkers are helpful for identifying patients most likely to benefit from PARP inhibitors

  • Current therapies are not cures

  • There remains a large unmet need in platinum resistant ovarian cancer

  • >50,000 treatable patients in the U.S. and EU5 in the 1st line maintenance setting

  • > 40,000 treatable patients in the in the U.S. and EU5 in the platinum resistant setting

FIG. 2


^1 About Zentalis

Zentalis (ZNTL) is a NY headquartered pharma company with a research hub in San Diego whose lead asset, ZN-c3, is an oral, small molecule Wee-1 inhibitor that it is developing initially for ovarian cancer. The molecule is active, and being developed by ZNTL against a variety of cancer. ZN-c3 targets WEE1 and is directed to accelerating DNA damage and cell death in actively dividing cancer cells (FIG. 3 📷).

FIG. 3

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Posted 1/17/24 EJV


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