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Biopharma Funding Activity from April 22-26th 2024

Last week saw significant activity in biopharma funding, with 49 public and private events. Several companies secured substantial financing to advance promising drug candidates and innovative therapies. This roundup highlights notable deals, providing insights into the sector's investment trends.

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FIG. 1. Recent Biotech Funding Activity

– Private Funding –

Endeavor BioMedicines

💸  Raised $132.5M series C financing led by Matrix Capital Management affiliate AyurMaya.

SynOx Therapeutics

💸  Closed $75M series B led by Forbion, HealthCap, and Bioqube Ventures. 


💸  Sold $73M equity offering. 

IMPACT Therapeutics

💸  Closed $55.2M series D+ funding round to advance its pipeline of anticancer drug. 


💸 Added $47M in series B-1 extension to advance the robust clinical pipeline. 


💸  Launched with $40M series A financing to focus initially on gynecological cancers.

Rubedo Life Sciences

💸  Secured $40M in series A financing from various investors. 


💸  Closed $36M funding from various investors. 


💸  Received $35M series A financing

Iambic Therapeutics

💸  Completed $26.8M equity offering.

Qlaris Bio

💸  Sold $24M equity offering

CN Bio

💸  Received $21M in series B financing from Kangjun Capital and CN Innovations.

Brise Pharma

💸  Raised $20M in funding from investors including Shunxi Fund and Sherpa Healthcare Partners.

Flindr Therapeutics

💸  Raised €20M series A financing led by V-Bio ventures to advance first-in-class small molecule inhibitors candidates. 

Siren Biotechnology

💸  Sold $19.6M equity from $32.4M offering. 

AsclepiX Therapeutics

💸  Sold $10M equity from $12.5M offering.

Sparrow Pharmaceuticals

💸  Raised $10M led by various investors to further clinical trials of a promising drug candidate.


💸  Received $5.48M funding from CARB-X to support the advancement of CRISPR medicine SNIPR001 into clinical trials in hematological cancer patients.

Acta Pharmaceuticals

💸  Sold $5M equity from $10M offering. 

Orange Grove Bio

💸  Sold $5M equity offering.


💸  Closed $5M debt financing.


💸  Raised $5M from equity offering.

Red Arrow Therapeutics

💸  Closed $4.5M seed extension funding from several investors, to be used to obtain preclinical data of their compound, IL-12-loaded nanopolymeric micelles.

Glen Clova Scientific

💸  Closed £4M seed funding round led by Norcliffe Capital to advance the preclinical development of GCS001, GCS002, and GCS003.

Aruka Bio

💸  Closed $3.5M equity offering

Anuncia Medical

💸  Completed $3.4M debt financing.


💸  Awarded €1.5M to combat visual degeneration

Antion Biosciences

💸  Closed CHF 100k seed loan from FONGIT Innovation Fund (FIF) to support proprietary gene engineering technologies.

Azure Cell Therapies

💸  Received CHF 50k grant from FONGIT Innovation Fund (FIF) to further the development of their next-generation cell therapies.


💸  Completed tens of millions of yuan (RMB) in series A financing

– Post-IPO/Public Funding –

Centessa Pharmaceuticals

🏦  Announced $100M public offering of ADS shares.

Benitec Biopharma

🏦  Sold $40M offering.


🏦  Completed $35M debt financing.

Belite Bio

🏦  Announced $25M securities purchase agreement to advance Tinlarebant development.


🏦  Raised DKK 172M ($24M) funding.

Medicenna Therapeutics

🏦  Received CA$20M investment form RA Capital Mgt. to further the development of its MDNA11 program and the advancement of its preclinical programs.

Vincerx Pharma

🏦  Announced $16.5M public offering.


🏦  Closed $15.8M offering.

Allogene Therapeutics

🏦  Awarded $15M grant from the CIRM to advance the development of allogeneic CAR-T in renal cell carcinoma

Scilex Holding Company

🏦  Closed $15M direct offering.


🏦  Sold $11.1M equity from $15M offering.


🏦  Announced $9.7M direct offering to fund the readout of the Ph2 trial (AD02) in patients with Early AD using XPro™ and through mCRPC Ph1 trial using the INKmune tech.


🏦  Received $9M milestone as FDA grants accelerated approval to Day One’s OJEMDATM (tovorafenib) for r/r BRAF-altered pediatric low-grade glioma (pLGG)

Plus Therapeutics

🏦  To receive $3M from the US DoD for the expansion of the clinical trial of Rhenium (186Re) Obisbemeda (186RNL) in pediatric brain cancer.

MAIA Biotechnology

🏦  Announced $1M private placement to fund R&D activities to fund the first third of the pivotal accelerated approval Part C of the THIO-101 trial in NSCLC.

Monument Therapeutics

🏦  Completed £1M fundraising activity and announced a further £5M grant funding the development of a Schizophrenia treatment.

Theralase Technologies

🏦  Closed CAN 750k private placement to be used to further the development of Rutherrin®. 

Appili Therapeutics

🏦  Announced additional bridge loan from Bloom Burton & Co.


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