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AACR'24 Clinical Data & Stock Moves

At this year's #cancer conference we saw not only pre-clinical, but also new clinical data presentations…

Here's a glimpse at some clinical readouts and how stocks reacted 👇:

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Kazia Therapeutics (NASDAQ: KZIA)

Readout details: Ph1 initial data of EVT801

Indication: Advanced Solid Tumors

Results details: Safety data on first enrolled patients showed no safety alert which allows further dose escalation

Elicio Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ELTX)

Readout details: Updated Ph1 data from AMPLIFY-201

Indication: Pancreatic & Colorectal cancer

Results details: The majority of ELI-002-treated patients tested had antigen spreading where induced T cells targeted additional patient-specific tumor mutations beyond mKRAS & observed to have durable mKRAS-specific T cell response with increased memory T cell phenotype.

Medicenna Therapeutics Corp (OTCMKTS: MDNAF)

Readout details: Ph1/2 results from monotherapy DE study of MDNA11

Indication: Cold Tumors

Results details: -100% reduction of target lesions in one melanoma and one pancreatic cancer patient. -Response rate and clinical benefit rate increased to 29% and 50% (4 PR, 3 SD), respectively.

Lantern Pharma Inc (NASDAQ: LTRN)

Readout details: Ph1a/1b new data LP-284

Indication: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Results details: New data and scientific findings presented

Rapt Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: RAPT)

Readout details: Ph2 data of tivumecirnon in combo w/ pembrolizumab

Indication: Solid Tumors (NSCLC)

Results details: Confirmed objective response rate (ORR) of 15.6% in all patients regardless of PD-L1 or HPV status

Purple Biotech (NASDAQ: PPBT)

Readout details: Ph1/2 study data of NT219 in combo w/ cetuximab

Indication: SCCHN

Results details: Effectively suppress cancer stem cells (CSC) and promote resistance and tumor recurrence.

Molecular Templates Inc (NASDAQ: MTEM)

Readout details: Ph1 Interim data from dose escalation and expansion study MT-6402

Indication: Solid Tumors

Results details: Well tolerated with no drug-related Grade 4 or Grade 5 adverse events. 2 of the 9 patients with HNSCC treated with MT-6402 showed confirmed partial responses.

Beigene (NASDAQ: BGNE)

Readout details: Ph2 AdvanTIG-204 study results

Indication: SCLC

Results details: Preliminary efficacy and safety of ociperlimab (anti-TIGIT) + tislelizumab (anti-PD-1) + concurrent chemoradiotherapy (cCRT) in patients with untreated limited-stage small cell lung cancer

Fusion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: FUSN)

Readout details: Ph2 TATCIST Interim trial data

Indication: Prostate Cancer

Results details: Improvement in secondary endpoints which include maximum % PSA decline (≥50% decline in prostate-specific antigen by 12 weeks after first treatment)


Readout details: Ph1 LuCa-MERIT-1 Preliminary data

Indication: NSCLC

Results details: Preliminary results shows antitumor activity, consistent induction of immune responses in heavily pre-treated patients with advanced NSCLC

Replimune Group (NASDAQ: REPL)

Readout details: Ph1/2 Interim result from ARTACUS

Indication: Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

Results details: Treatment with RP1 as monotherapy, for up to 25 doses, resulted in an ORR of 34.8%

Poseida Therapeutics (NASDAQ: PSTX)

Readout details: New Ph1 data from P-BCMA-ALLO1 Allogeneic CAR-T Therapy

Indication: Multiple Myeloma

Results details: Promising early data. Overall response rate was 60% & well tolerated

Atossa Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ATOS)

Readout details: Ph2 EVANGELINE trial data

Indication: Breast Cancer

Results details: Promising safety and efficacy data from 40mg pharmacokinetic (PK) run-in cohort of the study with average target lesion decrease was 32% at 12 weeks and 37% at 24 weeks with all patients experiencing at least a 15% reduction in target lesion at 24-weeks.


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